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Originally Posted by jomor View Post
I have a friend who tried to smuggle in a gun once. He got caught too. The dumb part was that the gun fell into the unrestricted weapon. So it would have been legal for him to import, he just went cheap. They put him on a list so each time he goes through customs he gets searched. Dumb ass thing to do. I have brought many across declared them all and had proof that they were in the 407 to 499 fps range. It can be a struggle at times I have the law on paper from there web page and show them, no problems at all.
Smuggling is a dumbass thing to do and you deserve to get caught! AS for the Canadian retailers...well everyone is in for the money. Not advancing the sport, just money. So I agree buy legit from the states, almost half the cost!

Are you saying that you're allowed to buy a gun in the states (over 407 fps), clear or metal or black or wtv, and declare it and it will legally pass no matter what ?
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