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Originally Posted by StrikeFreedom View Post
How about those that leaves sold items in the OP? Is that going to be addressed? I think that's worse than banana bumping. Banana-bumped threads maybe near the top of the forum for a few days, and then it'll be archived to the sold section. However, threads with sold items will always be there. I hate browsing through search results only to find out it's marked sold in the end.
Do you mean threads with multiple items? Some are sold and some are not?

How else would you want them to do it...
- Multiple threads for all items would cause MASS amounts of clutter. One person could take up the first page or more with one session of bumps.
- Rules state that you cant remove price or item, and adding banana to a post with items that are not sold yet would not be productive at all.

Most threads I see have all the sold items moved to the bottom on the OP in a list of sold items, good enough for me.

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