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Points to consider are;

1) What setup do you want to copy ? IE: US Rangers ? USMC ? Delta Force ? SWAT ? Ect ? If you don't have any setup in mind right now, disregard this point

2) Your personnal preferences. Don't choose camo just because 80% of the other players have it. Since we live in Canada, and that we have plenty of forest and landscape patterns, the choice is yours. Cadpat / Marpat / Woodland is the most common camo used and you'll never go wrong with that. Other players like me considered having the ARID version of the Marpat, since all of my gear and guns are FDE as well (Flat Dark Earth).

Most games and events will accept pretty much every camo pattern, depending on the scenarios and the team you are on.

There's a ton of Camo patterns to choose from. Pick-up the one you are most interrested, and once you played a couple of games and looking at other players setup, you might just want to start your own setup by copying real-life organisations like the Marines or the CF.

Edit; What part of Quebec are you from ?

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