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Originally Posted by ianbreman View Post
Ok I need someone to AV me asap! the list of members that is age verifing doesnt seem to get me into contact woth anyone. Is there someone that could meet me at XT on Saturday? I'll be there for at least 3 games maybe 4
This was posted right above your post. Just wanted to make you aware of it that's all. Seeing that you've been a member since Nov 2009 I'm sure you've had plenty of time to research what needs to be done to be age verified.

Originally Posted by Darklen View Post
There is an infraction the staff can give for not doing a search, which I have given on several occasions, yes, even to Newbies in the Newbie Tank.

IMO, the original poster should have gotten one for this as they have been registered since Aug 2008 (9 months). There is no excuse for this kind of laziness or complacency.
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