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Originally Posted by HonestJohn
Split useful part of the thread back into General. Ironically I think being in the trash kept alot of random posters out.

The technical aspect of implementing it is not the problem, it's easy. My issue with a probationary group is that we have many new users who are already established airsofters, especially in other countries, who sign up to participate in a thread right away - as many of us do on other boards, you browse and if you find a discussion you want to be a part of, you signup and post.

I always have a keen dislike for penalizing the good users for the actions of a few problem ones - it's why we have a gun registry. It's easy to realize the benefits of a system like that, but you won't know who you're shutting out. Given that we are now one of the largest english airsoft websites in the world, instituting a policy locking people out could be quite frustrating to the community.

My opinion.
More moderators, in the true sense of the word. If "probationary" users wish to post in boards that are otherwise closed to them, their posts can be moderated. Moderators can be set up to ONLY moderate posts created by that particular group - most of the assholes won't bother because their posts will never be seen by the public. The good ones get approved.

I'm sure you can find a half-dozen or so post moderators to handle the job.
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what if it model after his?
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