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Originally Posted by Azathoth View Post
Stupid question...

If a safesoft gun arrives all rickety and horribly assembled is that the fault of the manufacturer or the fault of the individual/organization "downgrading" it?
"SafeAirsoft" as an effort to promote the improved status of airsoft in Canada is completely unrelated to the actual act of downgrading of these guns. Downgrading is done by the respective Canadian distributor, which is Mach1 for ICS, VFC and TSI. Please stop using the term "safesoft gun", it's not the intent.

I have a problem with this. What is "field limits" in Canada mean? In Alberta the major clubs have higher limits than the rest of Canada. Last I checked Calgary limits are 420 AEG, Red Deer is 425, and Edmonton is 400-425. The gun shooting ~430 is within normally accepted margins of error in the province. There is grass roots talk starting in Alberta of raising our limits to 430 to be consistent with "safeairsoft" since the limits are so close already.
And the BC has some 420, while ON is mostly =<400. However, variation on the manufacturer end can put a gun well over 430. I don't know how you run FPS limits where you are, but I've seen some hosts that allow for a variation, and some that set a FPS limit that already accounts for variation.

In facts, depending on the brand, the guns coming in legally are anywhere between 430-460. Therefore, trying to raise field limits to match them is a bad idea.

In additional, a grass roots talk does not equal a standard in place.

Finally, the businesses are doing their best to ensure that the supply of airsoft guns that beginners are most likely to tap into are not super hot.
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