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I want to be able expect Rhino 1/Op Jaguar Kings/Athena 1/Deadfall 2011 types of events or even better but in my experience I tend to find that is the exception not the norm. Its quite possible I have too high expectations for some of these milsims but sometimes I find that events are kind of thrown to the wind with minimal creativity in the game dynamics and objectives.

I have to agree with CROM that if you have the right players and give them the right environment and structure to thrive in they will make it a awesome game but sometimes that gets relied on as a crutch too much in order to make a successful game. The onus is on the organizers to setup a great framework and immersive environment with awesome objectives that will make it a great game on its own by default and with great players will make the game that much more exceptional.

Its a tough task for game organizers to achieve this balance between satisfying the expectations of different types of players but it has been done well before and can be done again with the right people and ideas.

If I pay $100+ then I expect a well thought out and a well organized event with plenty of objectives even if part of the milsim does involve staying in place for hours. Skirmish games I don't expect too much its not the same type of crowd as milsim events so the experience will vary but I just look for fast paced action packed games.

I hope someone raises the bar and gives the community more great events and experiences and doesn't just settle for the status quo cookie cutter variety when it comes to mil-sim's.

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