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Status Update & Final Notification to Seller "Blacklist"

What happened in last week ?

With help of some very good ASC friends, I managed to get seller's personal and contact information.

Received message from "seller's girlfriend" claiming seller was hospitalized and could not response. But promised to refund me the full amount via EMT on August 1 morning.

The Fact

No refund was received so far.

It was indicated clearly that he was frequently on ASC. So not sure if he is really hospitalized and cannot response.

With help of some good friends, another message was sent to seller on 3 August, requesting him to make the refund by 5 August.

No response received so far.

To Seller "Blacklist'

Please arrange full refund without any further delay. I believe I have given you sufficient time to settle this case. You should realize how serious the consequence could be if this case was reported to the authority.

My next step

All necessary documents + evidence for legal action has been prepared. I will proceed without hesitation once tomorrow's deadline is reached.

To All ASC Staff & Members

I would like to thank you all for allowing me to post my case here.

I would also like to make it very clear my case is very exceptional ,and ASC is still the best Canadian airsoft website for us to enjoy. In the past few days, I recieved great help from ASC staff, and more importantly, some members who I never met before. This has shown the truly spirit of Canadian airsofters.

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