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well according to the previous owner the mechbox's guts are all aftermarket.. as far as I know it had a M120 tune up kit and a tight bore installed...

anyways... friend of mine mentioned that he wanted to buy it for occasional use in a few months ... so I guess till then I'm keeping it.

honestly I was playing around with what each peice weighs and where the weight is... and I think I've come up with a few options which will help with weight and balance and are reversable later on

- take a die grinder to the inside of the pot metal body and shave the thickness of non structural parts ... mainly the front end
- change the stock to a full stock and move the battery there
- see if i can find a socom length alum outter barrel set (and use the flash hider to hide the bit of exposed inner barrel )
- remove any un used rails
- switch the bipod to a bipod convertable foregrip
- remove the inards that make the bolt/charging handle functional

the only things not easily reversable would be the thickness of the body shaved.. and what ever of the top rail I remove

and for the die grinder sounding extreme... the body of this beast is THICK... I'd say 7/16 of an inch... really a hair over 1/4 inch would be fine...
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