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Hello, I am Daniel S.
I live in Calgary, Alberta. I have been involved with airsoft for close to a year with J.O.C. and would like to expand my horizons a bit by joining A.S.C.. I hope to get age verified by one of my local mods (Gish / cleric) for both my local group as well as A.S.C. wihin the next few days. (I do realize that age verification on A.S.C will probably take a great deal of time but I can wait) I have read and totally agree with the rules and hope to have a great an productive time here.

Currently I run a G&G m16 with R.I.S (mid grade C.A.S) as well as a KJW hi-capa as a side arm
I have rather limited gear, One set of woodland BDU's, a good set O boots, and a mid range tactical vest, and a camelback (you got to start somewhere). So I am in the market for some gear

Thanks all and hope to talk to ya later,
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