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There are many different versions.
One would be
teams start at opposite ends of field
flag in the middle
Goal is to get to the flag and hold said flag for a set time. 30 secconds 5 minuts. Its no matter. Say if its 30 secconds you get a point teams return to spawn and repeat up to 5 points 10 points whatever
unlimited respawns need 3 people to respawn.
Just an example but it would depend on team sizes smaller teams like 5 to 9 players could have 2 to respawn bigger teams 10-20 could have 5.

Another way is each team has a flag at or near their base/spawn. Goal is to protect your flag while tryin to capture the other teams flag and return it to your base. If the flag carrier is hit they drop the flag you could either assign a few carriers per team or have anyone move the flag. In the case that there are assigned carriers you could restric it to those people who would also be responsible for recapturing their own flag or make it so any team member can can recover their own flag.
Another one would be a king of the hill type game. Have 2 flags (say white and red) in the same location (preferably on a hill or in an easily defendable position with mutiple entry points) at the start both flags are standing. Assign esch team a color.
Goal is for a team to knock down the others flag and protect their own for a set time (5minuts works well but can be adjusted depending on the dificulty involved in retaking the area the flags are in) so the first team to knock down a flag protects theirs the other team now has 5 minuts to enter the area knock the enemy flag down (this resets the enemies timer) and plat their flag(their timer starts) if they dont get their flag up but get the enemies down no timers are going. Again every time a flag is put down the timer resets. First team to plant their flag and protect it for 5 minuts wins.
You can have three flags for each team planted at set locations on the field the goal is for the oposing team to capture the enemies 3 flags and bring them to their base. (this one works beter with large teams. And a large field.)
There are a more you can get creative use your imagination.
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