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Condone = We don't support it and won't give you tips on how to (plus AV is basically the only way to get "pro" grade guns anyways).

Think of it like drinking. You're allowed to (some provinces have statues like that) if you're handed the drink by a parent/guardian (no doesn't mean your brother who's 19 or w/e) but you can't actually buy alcohol till you're 19+.

It's the same for airsoft. It's field owners discretion weather they want to allow 16+ to play or not. However as a community we have decided that 18+ is needed to buy guns from here, there is no law stating we have to but by that time first you're a responsible adult and if convicted of any offenses are totally responsible for your own actions, you can't fall back on your parents for help and second of all it's a pretty good age when people start to realize that they should be responsible.

I'm not saying that everyone who's retarded at 17 will suddenly change overnight when they're 18 but personally for me I wouldn't trust my 16-17 year old self with airsoft (even though I've been shooting air rifles since 12 and real steel at 15).
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