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those are stock TM gears.

You can tell from the ditch/hollow on the sector and colour from the bevel and spur.

Those shavings are from normal wear, if you use a 10.8v for a season or two, it will start to look like that sooner or later. Mainly because teeth meshing isn't 100% perfect, so I wouldn't budge about improper shimming(If it's lasted so long with 10.8 or 11.1, then it's shimmed fairly well.). A TM M4 I've had with me for about 2 years, has seen about 10000 rds with 11.1v lipo @ 380FPS. And it looked quite similar to that by the time I opened it up again. Everything looks quite good to be honest.

PS: From the pictures, the entire internals is obviously TM. Stock TM piston/piston heads are one of the best ones out there. I wouldn't really go nuts about it... but it isn't systema that's for sure. Not that much worse either.

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