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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
^ woah that's hardcore, whenever I watch scoutthedoggie's vids on youtube, I always wonder how they can wear those glasses, not my face thank you!
Yeah, it's kind of funny because at one of the fields here goggles are mandatory and everyone always makes a big stink about it when there's a game there.

To be honest, I've been hit in the face in both indoor and outdoor and it hurt and left a red mark but nothing permanent. I don't think I'll ever be sporting a full face shield unless required to. I actually bought a JT goggle + face shield combo and returned it a week later because it was bulky, not comfortable at all and impossible to sight my M4 with.

I think I'll start looking for a good shemagh or balaclava to cover my face but a face shield is too far for me. Just need something to take the sting out.
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