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Originally Posted by takagari View Post
You can't ask someone to commit 100% and not give the same commitment back rain or shine.
Flakers piss everyone off, and i believe should be be penalized. but what you pulled is a dick move. you are essentially saying i might be running a game on this date, who wants to come?
then another organizer comes along and says, hey guys i AM running a game on this date, who wants to come?
when they all drop out of your game and go to the other, you get mad.

players will obviously go for the sure shot, getting mad at them for doing so is your issue.

OPs should be run rain or shine, if the weather is really to bad, reschedule the op later in the year on a free weekend. If the OP seems like it will be good enough, people will come to the rescheduled date. but having them commit to back to back weekends right off the hop is not right.
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Wildcard his gun is better than all of yours, he has magpul stuff on it, all the magpuls you can dream of. He has all of them. On his gun. I wish I had magpuls
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Look at all the fucks no one gives Miles, look at them. There is a lot of fucks not being given.
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