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If you guys need me to sleep with any MPs or members of the CFC, CBSA or RCMP, just holler.

I think these threads should slow right down. The right people are doing what needs to be done and Im sure they will start a thread when the time comes. But I think we should refrain from going full chicken-little battle mode and ease up on the panic. Guys like Hojo are quiet right now because they are busy.
Im not flaming, but everytime this situation arises, people go into "end of the world" mode...because heck, it feels good to be a part of a fight. People love drama. But we all just gotta keep cool and relax. There is no need to ask the senior members to step up to the plate, because they already are, and we know from previous events that its not something that happens play by play in ASC threads. Most of what happens will happen outside of these forums, and when the time comes, they will tell the community what needs to be done. Lets face it, they got bigger things to deal with then two dozen threads with hundreds of posts about the same thing.

As we know from previous events, this may all be nothing and this could all be useless fearmongering and panic.

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