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Hi there,

We've all heard about the Spec Arms Raid conducted last week as well as

the unfortunate raid on XP. Still not too much is known about the pending

consequences of the raid.

To start off with Last tuesday I brought my guns to Will at spec arms for

repairs and upgrades, Will stated that it wouild be done on thursday. I then

Called him mid afternoon to check on the progress of the guns and he told

me there was a problem he had to deal with and thursday would no be a

good day to pick up my guns because he had people in his office.

I tried calling will on Friday, No response

On Saturday I was informed that Spec arms was Raided and subsequently his

guns and most likely mine were taken into custody.

onward from that day I've tried with no outcome to contact Will through

many means.

So now I am asking the help of the airsoft comunity to fill me in on the status

Will and how I can contact him.

also if anyone could fill me in on how I may be able to Retrieve my guns. I do

Have proof that I am the owner of the guns and also I have proof that I had

no intent to sell these guns.

The value of the guns and attatched accesories are quite subtantial and I

hope I can recover them.

I would like to thank in advance for any information at all

Feel free to PM if you'd like
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