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Here's my advice, i'm a painter by profession, and a lot of advice here is missing IMO.

If you paint something, weither it be with Krylon or any other brand, you have to let the paint cure fully. This varies from brand to brand, but give it 3 days average. Theres usually directions on the label anyways. I usually reccomend Tremclad. Other brands with a very big range of colors exist out there, but i'm keeping my secrets :P


After you let the paint cure completely (no need to heat, just give it the required time), i strongly suggest applying a clear finish, 2 to 3 coats. for a MAT finish use SATIN clear, for glossy, GLOSS clear. This will GREATLY improve the durability of your work and will protect your gun from scratches or wear. Also, having done it in the past with guns, using this exact method, i have given new life to guns with the EXACT same finish they had when bought.

EDIT : spawn is right about high temperature paints, and Krylon sucks IMO as well. and for the record if you're gonna paint metal, i suggest anti rust paint. And please, please, READ THE LABELS. wanting to be too quick and not letting dry will make your paint job look amateur.

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