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Situation regarding Thenooblord

Before I get this thread going I just want to make one thing perfectly clear:

I have been given the green light by several Staff here (namely Drake and ILLusion) to make this thread, so I just wanted to make that clear before people think Im just jumping the gun and creating this to be vindictive or attacking TNL.

As some people in the GTA know Thenooblord was given an "unofficial" ban on events hosted through ASC. This was as a result of actions committed by TNL at a game hosted at Defcon Paintball Outdoor Field. I was not there to witness the event in question, and have heard many stories about what he did. I personally cannot confirm these first-hand but they come from people who would not lie.

It is my understanding that TNL decided it would be a good idea to hop on his bike with a shemagh on his face and an AK in his hand, and went around the public parking lot/driving area of the property where Defcon is yelling "ALLAHU AKHBAR!" repeatedly, and there were also reports of him taking aim and shooting at vehicles near him. If any of this is untrue then I will correct my statement.

Nevertheless, the local airsoft contingents more respected and experienced individuals felt necessary actions be taken to discipline and reprimand him. This was spearheaded by a local AV'er (if he would like to be named I will do so only with his permission) who suggest he have his AV status revoked. It was discussed among Staff that real-world actions should not be policed here (which is in contravention to what Ive been told by other staff but this further leads me to believe that Staff in question was merely on a power trip). It was decided a 6 month ban from ASC Events be the appropriate measure to be taken. This was to last until this coming April.

Over the past couple months it has been obvious that TNL has chosen to disobey the ban and has been attending games. I have brought it up to one of the persons whos team hosted some of those games and his response was "Well he hasn't done anything at our games to turn him away, but hes starting to get on our nerves and close to banning him from our games." (again I will not name the individual quoted without his permission).

Recently there was a thread created in the Ontario Events section for a game to be organized at Solider Of Fortune field by the user WMK. TNL expressed interest in attending this event. A user decided to say "Isn't a certain someone supposed to be banned from games?" to which TNLs response was "That was by Brian M and the mindless drones of ASC who follow his word like a prophet. I have been attending games weekly."

I also chimed in and stated theres a reason people listen to what Brian M has to say and his refusing to honor his ban by attending games bragging that hes been going to games all winter is akin to minors bragging how they have full-black airsoft guns, smuggling etc... all of which is very much against what ASC stands for.

I decided to message Drake & ILLusion after being referred to them by TokyoSeven asking about making this thread because this is something that needs to be brought into the public light. Again this is merely a discussion about this situation, and if it turn into a shit-flinging fest a la National Geographic then the Admins will deal with them as harsh as need be.

I would like all parties involved to come here and state their case about this situation, since having/not having TNL attend our games concerns all of the GTA contingent, especially when he acts in ways that cross the lines of common sense, logic and even legal implications. All of which affects us all. I would like TNL to come here and state his case as to why he feels he should not honor the ban, the AV'er who instigated the ban as to why he felt that was necessary, and the game hosts who felt that he should be allowed to play despite a ban on him. Anyone else who has something CONSTRUCTIVE to add by all means please do so. Especially people from other communities who have had similar situations happen, how they were dealt with and what the outcome of it all was.

Im gonna say my bit as a member of the GTA player community. When I learned of his actions I felt right away that I do NOT want to be associated with someone who acts the way he does. Schwag had also made it known that the TWATs will honor this ban despite us being known as the blacksheep of ASC, because we still wanted to be a part of the ASC community and we respected the wishes and helped keep the ban active from our side. Personally I have had intentions on showing up to some games the last couple months but decided to pull out or just not attend on account of TNL being there. I decided to mention the reason why in a "tongue-in-cheek" fashion and not outright stating why, which I now regret.

I have since told many people that I refuse to be at any event TNL is at in person, but decided to leave my thoughts off the board as it only added to the drama but enough is enough. I personally feel that with the attitude displayed by TNL, be it online as well as in person, he is simply not mature or responsible enough to be trusted with airsoft guns (lets not forget he decided to take a 1911 GBB to a house party where one of his friends stole it) and should not be allowed to participate in ASC sanctioned events. My opinion is that his AV status should be revoked and that ALL hosts in the GTA should honor a ban on him attending any and all events associated with airsoft. I would even go as far as saying he should voluntarily sell off his airsoft guns before he becomes an even bigger detriment to us, our sport and even himself.

Now Im gonna open up the floor to others.
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.

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