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Weaksauce Range

I bought a we m4 a while ago (ver 4 on propane), Been plinking in and around the house. I've stripped it down, cleaned and lubed it a couple times now.

I got to open it up on the weekend, and it was horrible. Trees what were within throwing distance I had a hard time hitting, the range on it sucks, and the bb's were curving right and left around the trees I was shooting at.

A couple days before, I took it to flag raiders to chrono it to see what it was shooting. 380/400/370/400/360/350, I then had some problems with the white bolt guide(delrin spacer/alignment block) sliding forwards and catching on the hammer.

Its got a tsc/tsd hard kick tube, which I stuffed paper in so it is one solid block.
I'm guessing Its kicking too hard and moving the block,

The range is just pathetic. I'm better throwing bb's.. I'm guessing a new hopup?

Also sometimes when I shoot I get propane poofs in my face, with lube moisture at the rear seams. that I think might be a worn mag rubber seal..

SO... new hopup, mag seal and drill/tap the bolt so the guide stays in place?
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