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Review- G&P DMR for the M14

Comes with the stock, new wires and a new motor and motor housing.

Installation is easy. Remove the M14 from the old stock. Swap the motors. Now the new wiring is deans, but you don't have to use them as the old wiring will still fit, it is just a little snug. The motor is longer then the stock one so the wires have a bit further to go.

Once the motor is on adjust it for heigth and put the M14 into the new stock. It wasn't picky about how the wires were positioned.

I ordered a 9.6 volt battery as it said it would take one. 1/2 truth. It will take the special G&P 9.6 battery, the one designed for the HK416 stock. I got the regular 9.6 so it sticks out about an inch. No big deal. The spacers are solid and I can mill them out to give me that little bit extra I need.

The butt is rubber and screws into place. A quick battery change is a no go.

The comfort level is amazing. The foregrip is bigger and the longer stock fits me great as I am a big guy. The piston grip is nice. One problem is that where the top of the hand rest on the grip it is rough there and may make your skin a bit raw the first few times you use it.

The tigger pull is excellent. The new motor works great. The check rest is adjustable, but I am leaving it down as I use the iron sights, but it has a large adjustment range.

Durable as hell. Very thick parts and textured very nicely.

I give it five skulls out of five skulls.

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