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Post OP: Art Of War - August 2-5 2013 BattleSim


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Art of War is an attempt by two veteran airsofters to take the game to the next level. We are after suspension of disbelief. We are after realistic taskings and an event scenario that allows leaders and operators to think outside the box, as they would on real battlefield, and reward all event attendees with a more dynamic, exciting and rewarding event experience.

You may notice we don’t use the words “game” or “player”. We want to separate what we are trying to do here from regular airsoft activities. Our mission is to build an environment where people can push themselves and accept new challenges if they wish to, and to offer challenges for operators of all skill levels, but within a more lifelike and real world structure of teamwork and discipline.

OP: Art of War is the first full 30 hour airsoft event keyed to the BattleSim philosophy. It has a large Admin to player ratio, challenging missions and FRAGOS, interesting challenges based on props in the field, pyro and lighting effects, time based PASS/FAIL parameters, the chance to work within a chain of command and with your team mates, and realistic battle simulations throughout the event.

OP: Art of War takes place in an alternate but very similar reality where corporate armies can invade sovereign nations to further their own, unknown agendas, and where locals can organize against them.

BattleSim is a new vein of airsoft event that moves skirmish level tactics and behaviour out of the spotlight and makes it secondary to objective based, complex missions that require teamwork, organization and communication. If you are bored with run and gun this is a good place for you. We have adapted and created some new rule sets to simulate a realistic feel of being in a real battle, with teamwork and organization being necessary to succeed. As per a real world OP, you enter the battle together, and you exit the battle together, no man left behind.

We are not simulating being in the military. We are simulating battle. The sights and sounds, the feelings and physical stresses, without harm to the individual. We are simulating the experience of serving under and in a command structure, and enhancing strong teamwork throughout.

The duration of the vent can be daunting, but don’t let it scare you off. Think of this as a FULLY IMMERSIVE AIRSOFT WEEKEND. The length of the game IS a challenge, but it is also needed to properly play out the scenarios in the event. You won’t be running and on your feet as an operator for the full 30 hours (unless you want to). You will operate out of an established Command Position with a secure Barracks to fall back to for re-supply and rest schedules as per your Team Commander. There will be plenty of time during the night operation for rest, food and hydration, but expect day ops to be high tempo and challenging due to terrain and weather.

We DO strongly encourage newer players to focus on self-care. Water and food (not counting the End-Ex Feast) are the player’s responsibility. We do this because leaving the event early impacts every other operator on BOTH SIDES. Please be prepared to stay, even if you don’t operate in the field, as you will still be able to help your team in other ways. DON’T BE A FOUR WHEELED OPERATOR.

We look forward to challenging you, your gear and your mental grit.

Team AOW


EMT SIGNUP - or -Creditcard and PayPal Signup
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