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I do appreciate the responses thusfar in regards to my inquery of revolver usefulness. I have to say though, that the idea
Of bipodding one's sidearm sounds pretty silly. I accept that by using one, I am severly handicapping myself by being left with six shots and a relatively slow reload speed. I do like the accuracy that I get with this pistol, and like slink182 said, its quite a hoot to fire.

Also, Im glad I didnt get it in chrome, but in that blue/black tone. Someone came out the local field and people could see the chrome shining even in the woods! :O

I certainly don't expect to beat everyone I have to defend against, simply because its a revolver, and I can certainly work my way up to something more reliable and effective to help even the odds. Unfortunately I cannot ask in the forums yet for advice on pistols until my AV status is approved, hopefully within a couple days or so for that.

I do like the wide degree of comments that have come in in regards to use of revolvers, and if anyone that has used them before or currently have additional advice for their operation, I would love to hear from you.

Cliffradical, I would love to set up, or see, a thread in regards to practical use of revolvers in airsoft terms. I think it would be of great benefit to players old and new, such as myself, in how to be more effective with their weapons of choice.
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