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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
PM/Call the guys that still have stuff at your place?

some people might not find this thread.
Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
I thought about that as well...

Seeing as some of this stuff has been left with me from anywhere between 1-3+ months (I have shit left at my place since January)...and since I have (I think without fail) spoken/PM'd/E-mailed each person well before now about their stuff...yeah, I feel that I'm entitled to do whatever I want with it.
***these are just the misc parts/stuff that's been left at my does not cover the AEGs/GBBs... But those guys are on notice already and if they don't sort out their end of things...they're going to get posted up too.
Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
That's not much notice. Is that even legal? Did you give notice when you took their guns/equipment in that they would have x amount of time to pick their stuff up or it would be forfeited?

Asked and answered already.

I'm not such an ass to just wantonly sell off other people's stuff that they may have stashed at my place for a week.

This is Last public as I can reasonably make the persons who have left things behind for MONTHS. Each person has been contacted (not just a single message/PM...but actually spoken to) long ago.

I will not run over to their houses and drive all over the GTA getting their stuff back to them.

It's really not piles of stuff...but combined it's probably worth several hundreds of dollars. Amazing that guys will just leave stuff like that, never to claim it.

Maybe I seem like an ass for posting this...but these guys need a kick in theirs to get it in gear.
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