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Originally Posted by amano999 View Post
I have been to three seperate ATQ1 class and have never heard Brian say don't come back. Not saying he did or did not say it, but I have always found Brian and Shawn to be really nice to noobs. I started playing at TTAC and they were always helpfull, when it comes to teaching skills to become a better player or offering a good old fashion blood bath.

My original comment was made to just say that I don't think TTAC is there cause Brian saw huge dollar signs.

Apples and oranges I guess.
And I've been to one class, and what I heard was...

A day membership is $20. If you don't like the experience, I don't expect you to pay, but I also don't expect to see you come back.

This makes perfect sense, and I'm not knocking his policy, because I agree with it, however, your original comment makes it sound like he doesn't care about the money. Maybe he doesn't say it in classes anymore. Maybe he's only said it the one time I've heard it. Every time I've gone, I've paid, and not once has he said, "You know what Frank, keep it buddy, I don't need it". Do you pay? I pay because I recognize that he is providing me with a service, just like I would when going to Wasaga. It is a business.
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