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L473ncy, havent you noticed a small detail in 3 guns i showed ?

They are all STANAG compatible ( aka they can use M4 Magazines ). L85 does have quick change spring, everything else petty special. I also think proprietary parts are dureable after hearing reviews and having done my research. This is how i ended with 3 guns i could think of.

- ICS L85 : Back heavy, quick change spring. Easy disassembly, just push out bolts keeping them together. The normal version seems to be preferred due the fore grip with bigger inside volume. And if you buy it, you will also get 2 High Cap Magazines. And it can use M4 magazines.

- CA Steyr AUG A2 Proline, this gun can use M4 mags with light modifications. Balanced gun. Proline is for a reason, guarantee of quality. Also bullpup with stock rails. Best externals and good or very good external ( havent checked this aspect ).

- Tar-21, according your suggestion. There a risk i could take if i gotten more information and details to problems. Also use M4 Mags.

This is all my summary of my research, there are bullpup for anonther reason : small size of myself. Since i am smaller than everyone else. I also needed a flexibility in the gun itself as well for CQC or outdoors ( FPS wise ), this is why i am leaning towards the ICS L85 or CA AUG A2, if you want, suggest me the G & G FN F2000 as well ( it also have quick spring change too ).

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