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Man I thought I was hardcore with my loadout until I saw these...
The requirement for authentic kit is quite demanding. That's the reason it took me over a year to prepare for my first Operation East Wind.

In essence, you hit the ground with exactly the same gear a soldier of the Cold War era would've had. It's the same for any participant, whether they represent a soldier from West Germany, Canada, the U.S., or the UK on NATO's side, or the East German Border Guards and Soviet troops on the Warsaw Pact side. Everything will be authentic and period-correct.

That's why they say this game isn't for everyone...

You have to know your Cold War history, you have to assume that Cold War mindset. We enjoy doing the research.

It's not just the gear you bring with you either. Everything else around you will be from that period in time. All the vehicles, and there are a lot of them, are all from that period: Mutts, CUCVs, FV432s, Abbott SP, Deuces, a Ferret, all that stuff was commonly present along the East/West German border. On the Soviet side, they'll be driving around in restored BTR 40s and 152s, and even real GAZ and UAZ vehicles. The tents you live in will be military pattern. If you see a magazine in the latrine, it'll be from 1989.

It's that true to time frame!

This is airsoft meets military reenactment.

I'd like to emphasis too, that you don't need to sign up for the full experience at Op East Wind. You can also participate as a day player. The amount of equipment needed by day players is a fraction of what full participants need. Exactly as the term implies, you play during the day, then leave the game at night. That frees you to camp elsewhere or stay at a hotel. Whatever you prefer. And, you're not committed to playing the entire event. You can play for a day or a few days - it's up to you.

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