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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
And never call yourself out prematurely, unless your absolutely SOL.
I don't necessarily just see a grenade go by and say "whelp, I'd better walk out with my hands raised" =P
If, like in Coach's example, I would have obviously survived the airsoft grenade, I'll just keep shooting. But if the grenade does more-or-less what the tosser intended it to do, and I happen to be missed by all the BBs from the grenade (eg, someone is standing between me and the grenade), I'll still call myself. I didn't mean to make it sound like I'll call myself out if someone so much as asks me politely. =P

Originally Posted by Dirtbag View Post
Just one question why call grenade in the 1st place, we only allow actual tornado grenades to be used as grenades.
My understanding is that it's mostly for safety. You could say "heads up, there's a heavy projectile being lobbed in your direction", but specifying that it's a grenade has the added effect of letting newbies know what's going on.
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