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Well I could take a strong stance dissuading anyone from injection lubricant into propane bottles, but I get the feeling that once someone has made their contraption it may be difficult to convince them to not use it. In this situation I don't make their operation of their device any safer by withholding information, and instead stress the danger in their activities.

I did want to productize my idea, but I could conceive of too many ways that the device could be misused in a dangerous manner so the prototypes and a short machine run got buried in my pallet rack of abandoned projects. I'd like to adopt the stance that if one is stupid and hurts themselves by ignoring the users manual, but the actions of the irresponsible can sometimes put responsible people at risk. For instance, a failed tank can hurt the family of the particular individual who lubricated a tank. I also found that users often exercise poor discipline in tank marking procedures. Personally I lube a tank for my grenades and a separate tank for my GBBs (different lube, different dosage). I mark my tanks so I don't shoot the wrong crap into my pistols, and more importantly SO I DON'T USE THE TANK WITH A TORCH TO SOLDER SOME PLUMBING. I do not know what the health issues are with inhaling the products of silicone oil combustion so I take some care in making sure my lubed tanks are marked and segregated from my combustion fuel supply.
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