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Originally Posted by Gato View Post
VFC, LCT or Realsword for AK. I wouldn't even suggest E&L, there was massive hype for em but the end product doesn't compare to RS or LCT.

E&L seems to pay more attention to detail on the externals, everything is pinned no hidden grub screws. The receiver seems to be pretty descent.

Gearbox looks like it was made by Dboys and they have QC problems. I would like for them to have a AKMN option, but in reality AKMN wasn't a very common gun at the time.

Good gearbox, they lose points for using grub screws instead of pins and screws instead of rivets in some places to make manufacturing easier.

They don't pay attention to detail as much as some other manufacturers
(AK-74 having a larger gap between automatic and semi) but they have a wide range of Aks to satisfy anyone.


Norinco Type 56 with a AEG shell Pricey but very close to a real AK. They are well made pretty much collectors items. Their Type 56-1 uses a TM style locking mechanism which can be fragile when compared to the way VFC and LCT locks the under folding stock.

Only VFC would redesign their AK-74M instead of just slapping on AK-74M furniture on a AKS-74 and calling it a day. They pay attention to detail their internals aren't too bad. Good air seal, self shimming gears are iffy weak pistons.

Good gearbox, externals aren't too bad, but AKs are supposed to be Steel and wood/polymer weapons and not Aluminum zinc alloy.

CYMA advertises Steel construction but it's only for the Receiver and dustcover and not any of the load bearing components. The rear stock trunion and rear sight block, front sight are made of potmetal.

I don't like the fact they use a half moon front sight drum instead of a standard drum (Again attention to detail(

I found their rear sights have a lot of play and should be shimmed if you want the gun to hold zero.

Their new design is part VFC and part LCT. The don't use the spring loaded hopup trolley that VFC does, instead opting for a LCT style hopup arrangement.

However they kept the VFC style pin that keeps the lower and upper together. This is strange because it makes takedown kinda strange. VFC/Dboys owners know that the spring loaded hopup trolley makes removing the gearbox a breeze.

In short CYMA externals will fall apart before the gearbox stops working.
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