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I've borrowed this post from ASM

Originally Posted by Maek|
I've always struggled with midcaps that only like few brands of bb's and refuse to feed with some brands. In some cases they dont work at all. I opened up one of my KAC pdw midcaps for maintenance and started to look at the design and wonder why is it so choosy. Heres what I came up with after a moment of logical thinking:

This is how most midcaps are built. There are even worse designs. Those red smudges marks where the most friction is located, and the arrows point the approximate direction the kinetic energy is transfered. As you can see the desingn isnt really well thought. Like almost anything else in airsoft, "its designed to work, not to work well." As you can see, in the first photo nothing is actually pushing the row of BB's on the right upwards, they just "move along" with the the left row as they move, and thats what causes friction and feeding issues.


and after modification

So I just picked up a file and did some tricks, and trust me it seems to have worked. Some midcaps (l96 mags for example) are built like this already, but there arent many.. Now no matter what BB's I fill the mag with it spits them out without jamming or slowing down significantly.

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Fast change magazine modification:,7899.0.html

Some mags might be difficult to open, but sacrificing one mag to attempt to learn how to do this might save you tons of cash in buying new mags. All mags seem to open differently and you may end up breaking something trying to get into it or putting it back together. But you're also not guaranteed to fix your issue by spending more money, so at this point, there's no harm in trying.

don't oil your mags, it might solve the problem short term, but as soon as you start shooting out of that mag the oil gets on your hop up and fouls your hop up rubber until it dries. Then You have that period where they work ok for a bit, then like TC says, the oil attracts all manner of crap into the mag.

Others have also washed BBs before... some have soaked in diet coke for a number of hours and then washed them. There's some weird fixes to get sticky rounds to work.

Choose a method with the least amount of impact and try it out.

Reshaping the follower inside the mag usually fixes all feeding issues out of the mag, even with the most stubborn BBs.
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