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Originally Posted by mmmken View Post
I'd like to say I'm decent with a pistol.

How I got decent is because I tend to play a good portion of my games with a pistol only. Mind you, I have 6 magazines for my pistol so it's not that bad. Try dropping your sniper rifle for the next say, five games and go pistol only. The experience gained should be enough to give you somewhat of a primer on using your pistol effectively.

It'll be heaps better to do that than to stand in your basement shooting at a stationary target over and over with zero stress.
I second this. I played with 8 pistol magazines for the longest time. Usually because my long guns have some mechanical problem or another, or just because they're unwieldy to hold for a long period of time. Knowing you have to be more careful because you can't flip the "full auto" switch and go nuts is part of what makes playing with a pistol fun; it also makes you a better player, I think.

I also had a pistol duel of sorts with mmmken last year and won by luck, after we both shot a ton at each other. So maybe don't listen to us (or just me).
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