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General noob questions about equipment

Hey all,
a quick intro about myself; never played Airsoft before (have messed around with crapsoft though), currently I am 17 going 18 very soon (that's why i am not age verified), mature, willing to go out and play and have fun (and I don't cheat). I am not the average kiddo wanting to play soldier, I am more mature than that. blah blah blah ok back on track: I am currently thinking about getting the G&G M4 CQB-R here is the link: (could anybody tell me if that gun is any good or if I should consider anything else? No Ak's though please). I am still wondering though, for the first couple of times should I just go out and play with a rifle, goggles and a couple of mags only or should I buy full gear? Also I was wondering what else is needed for a long fun game of A.S.? When I see videos of people playing A.S. they look like a real soldier, but I don't have that kind of money.......yet. Any ideas of what I should get? Also I have a Cobra MicroTalk Walkie-Talkie, is there a special headset that I can use and easily operate? (I have about six cobras at home thats why I am asking).
Well these are all the questions I have for know.
Thanks in Advance.
Dan the man
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