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Originally Posted by KylerSCXR7 View Post
I've been reading on this board and can't find anything. Some of my friends and I have been into airsoft for awhile now, were not too heavy into but we each own a GBB and scrimage on private property and in winnipeg at XT from time to time.
Just a quick note on games on personnal land; not the nest idea. Ultimatly, you'll do what you want, but be aware of the risks and responsibilities of running games on your land.

If by private property you mean the backyard of your suburban home, be aware that you are inviting massive liability issues into your life, along with a criminal record and bad press for the rest of us.

However, if by private property you mean forested land somewhere in the middle of the woods, you should still research things like insurance and access control. Even if you play with friends, if someone gets hurt and claims something on their personnal insurance, you are liable to get sued.

Better to play at organised fields that know exactly what they are doing.

Originally Posted by KylerSCXR7 View Post
Is it true we have to join an assosication to buy guns and there's only 2 certifiend dealers in Canada? Luckly I'm only 45 mins from A&A. I've heard that there some bogus requirements to join this assosiation, things that us "once in a blue moon airsofters" cannot do, like participate in games regularely.
You're confusing the club thing with a restricted PAL clause. You don't have to be a member of a "club" per se, although it doesn't hurt.

There are in fact only two regular importers at the moment, though there is also the classifieds. More on this later.

As for walking in on games, public games are exactly that, public. There are a lot of private events running at any point in time, but you only need to start networking with people to see these opportunities open to you.

Originally Posted by KylerSCXR7 View Post
Airsoft is not a cheap sport by any means, we don't have full fatigues and equipment let alone full sized AEG's and the whole 9 yards.
Usually the requirements are not that high. Say green versus tan, you must at least be able to produce a decent set of BDUs that match the event. It kinda breaks the fantasy if there are a bunch of guys that pop up in blue jeans and sneakers.

You can muster a decent kit for only a couple of hundred buck. You don't need Gucci gear, though it's nice to have.

AEGs are a must though, at least from a personnal point of view. You will be seriously outgunned if you only have a pistol.

Originally Posted by KylerSCXR7 View Post
I don't know anyone in the Brandon area that is into it anyways. I'm just asking all of this because I would like to purchase another GBB, and one in the states at that which I'm reading is more and more impossible to do. I'd just like to clearify all of this so I can proceed with buying some stuff.

Thank you, Kyler.
Your best bet right now would be to get age verified by a rep of the site. Check out the age verification forum for your local reps (it's in a stickied post, at the top of the screen). Instead of getting another GBB, you should look into getting an AEG, either a used one or a Tokyo Marui clone (JG and the likes) that can go for anywhere between 250$ to 450$.

The bare minimum investement needed to properly play airsoft is 400$-800$ depending on the deals you can find, anything less and you won't be on the same page as other players.

Hope this answers more questions than it raises...!
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