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Personally. Before I turned 18 I was already pissed off at kids my age (like 15-17) After I turned 18 I found myself getting pissed off at kids younger than me.

That being said. I have no problem with you because it seems like you try to bring intelligent conversation to the table rather than "whine moan, I can do whatever I want, I don't care I'm still getting an airsoft gun anyways whine whine". Most underagers who are smart (the ones that we like and don't show hostility toward) don't whine publicly and after they make the first thread usually smarten up pretty fast. They just shut up, read, wait, get to know the community, and maybe spectate a game or play with their parents (assuming field owner is ok with 16+).

Finally. Come on. Think about it. The rest of your generation is ruining it for you. You can't say that you haven't noticed the trend toward girls being sluts and guys with their jeans down to their ankles, wearing the durag and stupid baseball cap.
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