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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
wow... seriously skippy... threatening to "file dispute" and make this thing "public" is just... wow, unhumanly.

last time I sold you my MAG mid caps, you complained to me because it was cracking at the sides and didn't feed well. So I refunded your money AND shipping, got it back, and tested all of them and they all did well! I even have a video of it to prove it but you said "I don't care I don't want to see it". So I sold it again to another person, and he was fully happy with it.

Seriously, I think it's your problem not the store or the seller's.
buddy...i saw the mags when he opend the package... quoted as brand new 1 was broken right out of the box, i also saw the splitting mags and we counted the bbs to. 100. skippy was nice enough to not to mention it on these fine fourms, whitch i told him he should as a buyer beware...

really if anyone of you guys gave you money to 2 diffrent dealers, 1 said it would be in the next order(marksman) and 1 IN COUNTRY for 2 months wouldnt you be pissed?? and then to not get $4.46 is a slap in the face!
zombiefruit: shut the fk up your not even verfied so you dont even have a clue.

i think its clear skippy and shootsoft WONT be doing buisness again.

1 more thing for everyone else....have you ever seen an airsoft shop close up and reopen???... like i said i have all the guns i want canada is going to be like cuba with airsoft.... all classics...

playing with my kid!
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