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A good point, if you're looking at this from a perspective of wanting a business to match a hobby.

I'm looking at this more from a business-venture viewpoint to help pay the costs of an acreage. Paintball arenas are pretty well established in the city region, but airsoft is relatively new and there is only one public facility that I am aware of. There seems to be a need for an outdoor facility that is like exteme-tactics (i.e.: a place that is open to the adult public).

Thanks for the advice!


Originally Posted by Kokanee
Might I suggest that you get involved in the sport yourself for
a bit before you contemplate setting up a field. To the best of my knowledge, there is quite the active airsoft community in the Winnipeg region, and I havn't heard any horror stories of them scaring off new players or such.

Once you've got a good year or so under your belt, I believe you would be in a better position to get a field going.
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