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Originally Posted by jesster202 View Post
ok so i know that stock barrels will have wobble because of the and guards are supported by the barrell and shuch so i orederd a knights armourment free float hand guard my only two questions are will this fix/prevent barell wobble and 2 all i ordered was the knights armourment handgurad all it gomes with is the d right and handguard i know their will be opend at the border but will they get through i checked the faq but it did not have this on it so would this be be coverd as a outer barrel thank you for your replyes they are needed because i really hope this can get through and will help prevent barrel wobble
the m16/m4 barrel wobble comes from where it is mounted to the weapons body,,not necessarily caused by the handguards. i will take pics of my ics and show you how i got rid of my wobble. give me a few to get some pics.
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