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The "Kill Me Off" Contest

I probably should have mentioned this in the first announcement but the details were not finalized yet.

If you vote for my wife in her ongoing writing contest by sending an e-mail with ONE SHOT, TWO KILLS in the subject line to and cc the entry to me at or confirm your entry with an e-mail to Kim through her website at you will be entered in the "Kill Me Off" contest.

If you are the "lucky" winner Kim will base a character on you in her next novel who will be killed off in some cool, possibly even heroic fashion. For legal reasons we must use you, and not your boss, mother-in-law, insurance adjuster etc. If you are shy or do not wish to die alone, I could probably talk her into basing some organization around your team name, and wiping the lot of you out in a blaze of glory. Fiction is flexible you know.

Sorry about the second post. I will automatically enter everyone who has already confirmed they voted in the earlier thread.


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