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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
It wasn't about the semantics, my point was that you're griping about something you're not even correctly informed about.
Actually I did know the difference, but it was a careless mistake. I'm just saying it's an extremely trivial detail to gripe about which takes nothing away from the point. Like a previous poster said it would be like me saying clips instead of mags.

"it's like a finger pointing to a star. Don't pay attention to the finger or you will miss all that is glory" - Bruce Lee

Anyway, Drake let's just let it go. I'm not here to make enemies.
Here we are again bro -just you and me. Same kind of moon same kind of jungle. Real number 10 remember? Whole platoon, 32 men chopped into meat... We walk out just you and me, nobody else. Right on top huh? Not a scratch... Not a fuckin' scratch... - Sgt.Mac, Predator
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