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Came back from a work and realized that a younger sibling went into my room with his friends to "look" at my collection.

-AEG that was suppose to be in the closet is all over the floor
-VFC SCAR is at the near end of the hook on my slot wall display ready to tip over and fall 2m to the floor.
-all my GBB is on my bed with the slide pulled back and scattered through out the house

Naturally I had a talk with him and demanded explination (he is usually pretty good dealing with firearms but when friends around I know things go wrong with peer presure). Then I proceed over to his friend and had a good LONG talk with them.

This gose to people who thinks age is a direct comparison to being mature.
his frields are like 19yrs old!!

Also, people who goes for head shot in CQB and say "HEAD SHOT" and brags about it the entire night.
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