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I am all for real cap load outs but could careless what capacity mags you run with the exception of mag ticklers.

Originally Posted by swatt13 View Post
When it comes to a friendly fire incident the shooter calls himself out for poor target identification and trigger control, and the shootee (?) stays in regardless of argument. That being said if there was no way to realistically identify or tell or the shootee started the engagement, well them lesson learned. Shooter stays in. 90% of the time it ends with the shooter walking off.
I'm not sure I understand that logic. A person is dead regardless of which direction they were shot from. It should not matter if it's friendly or not. You get shot by the enemy, you're dead. You get shot by your idiot team mate, you're dead.

One guy learned that the hard way years ago. I had just setup all my 40's to defend a base when buddy shot me in the back. I looked at him and without saying anything, scooped all my nades and walked off, a little pissed but with a grin cause I knew he was going to get raped when op for got near. the look on his face when he realized he had no more support was priceless.
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