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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
i find those pictures rather bad press.
sure you can get bleeders but most of the time i've only seen those happen at close range. also the glasses you posted are nowhere near proper eyewear for airsoft.
i've only gotten 1 bleeder and that was from a 400fps gun at under 10ft.
bruises are normal get used to it

I've got fullseal smith optics goggles, but for sniping i like these
Don't lecture me on bad press, those pictures are real and not photoshopped. It is reality and odds are without proper protection, it will happen. I still see a lot of players without full seal optics and probably not even safety rated either.

I told my friend a few years ago to wear full protection, while others convinced him it won't happen because it is rare. He has paid a hefty dental bill for an implant for not wearing face protection.

And you said you got only one bleeder? You're lucky you didn't lose a tooth or more.

We are all adults and in airsoft it is not mandatory for full face protection unless it is on a paintball field because of insurance reasons. I do not tell people it is rare and not necessary or uncomfortable, tell it like it is, and let them decide.

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