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I am extremely new to airsoft - I have yet to play a game. Here is my problem.
I enjoy the thought of myself and others shooting at each other to see who's aim/positioning/etc. is best. I enjoy competition.

What I DONT want to do is dress up in army fatigues, vests, etc. Nothing against people who like to dress up in all that gear, but it just isn't for me. I fully support safety gear, but just can't bring myself to purchase "army" gear to go airsofting.

Here's where I need your opinion. Is it reasonable to have a game with others if I have no intention to wear the "gear" associated with it? Is all the "gear" necessary to attempt to have serious games with others?

Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
Once you go to a game or two you will probably realize that we wear the gear because it makes us much more effective on the field. When I started I simply stuffed mags into my pockets because I hadn't gotten a vest yet. My first mag change during a game was brutal (somewhere around 30+ seconds) because I didn't have a sling, G36 mags have lil' tabs that get caught on stuff and because I had to unbutton my pocket. I quickly decided to get a vest and now I love it. I rarely notice it when playing and it makes all my mags/water/food/spare ammo/first aid kit much easier to reach. For me the gear is functional. I wear whatever will maximize my effectiveness. Often military gear is the best for this, but if (hyothetically) a pink dress worked better then I'd use that instead of my vest and camo.

Regarding the bold section, you might be better off going to marksmanship competitions. Although you don't shoot at people, you will have a MUCH more accurate gun and won't have to wear all the army stuff just to fit in. If not shooting people is a deal breaker then try skirmishes or paintball.

Go to a game or three before choosing your preferred game style. I thought I'd like skirmishes with minimal gear, but after having gone to a couple milsims I've found that I enjoyed them more. Everyone will have a favourite game style. Find yours and buy your gear accordingly.

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