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Originally Posted by Zekk05 View Post
The availability of rifles to Mark should not affect the way he conducts business. If he promises a rifle, then he delivers a rifle or a refund, simple as that. Blaming it on Redwolf or whatever is just finger pointing. Customs can mess with it all they want, that is not my problem, your problem , or anyone elses problem, its the businesses problem. We pay the 300% mark up to avoid hassles and to ensure we get the product we want. If I wanted to deal with customs myself, I wouldnt be buying from a retailer.

If this is too much of an issue, maybe he shouldnt be selling stuff he doesnt have in his hands. problem solved there.
Actually when I did a special order with Mark he quoted me $100 MORE than what everyone else local had the gun listed it but because they were sold out I had to get it ordered.

I remember talking to someone and Mark quoted him $600 to bring in a Luger GBB!
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