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Originally Posted by NJDIdioticAssassin View Post
To buy guns in canada is a huge pain in the ass.
It's only a huge pain in the ass if you're under 18...

I have no problem getting any gun I've ever wanted providing I've had the money.

Originally Posted by NJDIdioticAssassin View Post
I'm going to buy a metal reciever, crane stock, crane stock battery, front assembly, grip, motor, gearbox, hop-up and inner barrel all from Evike, then building it myself. Will there be any problems at the border, or do you see any flaw in my plan whatsoever? Also, any suggestions on a cheaper american site to buy these parts from? Thank you for any help!
And the metal reciever is illegal to import.|
Also not every brand will fit together like cake, some brands don't fit well with others.

You're best bet is to wait till you are 18 and get age verified, then you can get anything you want.
If you want to play, demonstrate maturity and respect.
Then maybe, just maybe you'll be allowed to play.

If you already apparently own a gun that sits in your lap, why bother with more headache?

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