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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
That's the problem with all CLEAR guns. You can't shove any other magazines in except for the plastic shit ones they give you.
Originally Posted by Tingc222
The metal hicap is painted flat grey. The metal hicap is quite sturdy, but it did wobble a very tiny bit, which I consider to be negligible. the magazine is also the first problem I had with the gun. At first, the magazine lock on the gun simply did not hold the magazine in place. I found out that the notch on the magazine was too shallow, and with a pair of point-nosed pliers, I forced the metal skin on top of the notch outwards so that the magazine catch would actually "catch". Not a big problem but I'm not sure what would happen if I got myself plastic magazines which cannot be modified in this way.
Not to mention that a CLEAR bodied Kraken can take a Classic Army metal midcap.

I'm not advocating clear or plastic, but at least disrespect them for valid reasons.
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