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Redwolf and its quirks

So, I just finished placing the third order in a month to Redwolfairsoft and i noticed something I hadn't on the previous two orders.

I had a total of $182.60, and I noticed that the shipping was really high, a whole $56.

So, for shits and giggles, I added 1 more Guarder Clear Hop Up rubber, a $4 part.

My new shipping price was now $26.


Just saved $26 by adding a $4 part to my order.

I reconfigured the basket a few times with parts varying in weight, and the magic number seems to be mid $180's regardless of the weight I was ordering. Shipping just seems to cut from $56 to $26. Really good deal if you ask me.

Anyone else experience this? Or have a similar story with Redwolf or another supplier?

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