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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
First thing first, a sniper is a soldier using a precision rifle and using special field craft techniques and tactics.

You should say a sniper rifle. Unless you plan on buying/hiring a sniper to do the work for you.

Whatever you plan on buying, you'll need to spend the same amount of money you paid for the rifle in upgrades parts. If you buy the real brand name, as TM or Maruzen, you'll have a nice base to start your upgrades.

Both rifles are good and should cost about the same when completed.
Thanks. That helps. Yes I plan on upgrading, but I hear the L96 is tough to find parts for? This is another reason why I am veering to the VSR.

For those saying I should get an AEG. Everyone has a personal opinion. I really would like a sniper, if I regret it I can always buy an AEG too.

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