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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
I used brake cleaner on my prommy before the beginning of this season. BB scum buildup was quite bad. Don't do it with any rubber, plastic or silicone exposed of course. It's supposed to be silicone safe but... meh. I redid my rhop patch at the same time.

At some point I will solder up a copper pipe so I can submerge a whole barrel to soak in acetone or similar cleaner.

Swabbed it out after the brake cleaner and all was shiny once again. The swab came out nasty though.
Are you shooting corrosive bbs or something ? I only clean airsoft barrels when something breaks and I have to open the thing to replace the part or when AEG gets soaked in water, covered in mud etc. I still have an RPK I built more than 10 years ago. Barrel in that thing saw many thousands of bbs and probably 2-3 pull through's with a patch and a bit of silicon oil.
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